Submitting Your Pitch

Last updated 6 months ago

After receiving 100's of pitches over the last years, we put together this list of does and don'ts. 

1. Don't Cut and Paste a Galley Letter:   Having published two books, we know that as a book publicist your job is to land media appearances for your authors. But a cut and paste galley letter rarely tells us why your author or client is a fit for our show. While we've said yes to some of these, we can assure you it wasn't because of the galley letter. Most of those get deleted.

2. Don't Just Send us a List of Your Accomplishments:
  While we want to know about all the amazing things you're up to in the word, we're not looking for a resume. We want to know who YOU are.  A third person bio or a list of things you've accomplished doesn't give us much to go on.

3. Tell Us What Our Listeners Will Learn From You:
 Ideally, we want our listeners to learn something in every episode. We want them to walk away from your interview feeling like it was time and attention well spent.

4. Do Your Homework: We've had several cases where a publicist pitches a guest telling us that their client is perfect. Then they follow up with an email asking us to tell them how our show works.  The best way to prepare for our interviews is to listen to one of our previous episodes. The people who listen to a prior episode before they submit a pitch usually end up having much better pitches and these also lead to much better interviews. 

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